You can stay on the couch.
We're bringing the buyers to you.
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So, you've designed your website templates.

They’re exceptional (because you’re an exceptional web designer), and you’re so excited to present them for sale.

You post them on social media, send them to your email list, and have placed them on a couple marketplaces.

And no bites.

Your client projects are a lot to tackle and you just wanted some passive income so you don’t have to take on so much that you don’t enjoy designing anymore.

Your heart drops and you start to compare yourself to your competitors.

Are my web design templates good enough?

Well, since we’ve already established that you’re exceptional, we know that’s not the problem.

Your problem is one of the key reasons businesses struggle: you're not getting in front of the right audience.

Your buyers are out there and they’re ready to commit.

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Zirrly is a marketplace designed to connect those buyers with talented website template designers like you.

Our mission is to get your website builder based templates in front of the eyes of website DIYers, so you can bring in the dough and they can create a beautiful website.
And as a web designer myself, I want to see your hard-earned cash in your own pocket.

We sell templates that are easy for buyers to make their own:




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And with no sign-up fees, listing fees, renewal fees it's a low risk, high reward scenario!

Enjoy total control over your shop

Customize listings

Personalize your shop

Set your pricing

Monitor your sales

Get Paid Weekly

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Don't waste your efforts selling on platforms that aren't made for your target audience and that take up to half your earnings and put you in the hole before you ever make a sale.

It's time to stop chasing leads and start earning passive income from the comfort of your couch.

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Right now, we are only accepting designers from the United States, since we can only sell to buyers in the United States.

We boast some of the lowest fees of any digital marketplace. We take a 5% commission and charge a 2.5% tax fee on each sale. The other 92.5% is yours!

We are working hard to launch at the beginning of May 2023, but we need to fill our marketplace with amazing templates and designers first!